Soul School

Welcome to Ascension!

A Wisewoman only has to open her eyes to perceive the fantastic changes taking place in the world right now. New light energies are flooding the planet thanks to our friends in other dimensions. The darker energies are subsiding, or rather light is being shined upon them so they cannot hide in the dark. Great changes in governments, great changes in weather patterns, great changes in consciousness are occuring and we are so very blessed to be living in these exciting times! Don't you just love it???

Non-duality is coming to the fore and separatness and suffering are to be no more! This time is nothing to be frightened of and nothing to hide from. If you have been a Spiritual woman "playing" with your spiritual journey for some time, you understand "The Dark Night of the Soul". The more we try to become consciousness, the more the dark or shadow parts of ouselves are brought to the surface to heal and release. This is very good news!

Wisewoman Soul School is created so that we can gather together, share experiences on the journey and understand the particular energies that are affecting all of us on the planet now. There are weekly lessons for a year long. They are delivered by email and then you can gather in the Wisewomen Circle, comment, share and support for other Wisewomen.

The energies for 2012 are exploding between May of 2011 through December 2012. After that, we get to play in a new consciousness, a new lightness and a new earth! If you would like to be updated on the Soul School launch - and keep up with all this exciting just sign up for the newsletter "Living in the Flow" on the left.

You are not alone! It is ALL GOOD! Come join other Wisewomen for this exciting moment in herstory!

All my Love,