Human Rights – Blog Action Day – 2013

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Human Rights – Blog Action Day – 2013

Blog Action Day 2013 - Human RightsFor God so LOVED the world… He gave life to His Sons and Daughters. We are here because we are loved. We are here because we’re a Spark of the Divine. The means every one of us has certain rights.

  • The right to proper shelter
  • The right to clean water
  • The right to nourish ourselves with healthy food
  • The right to live freely and not to be owned by another human
  • The right to earn an honest living
  • The right to breathe fresh air
  • The right to equality with our brothers and sisiters
  • The right to justice
  • The right to live under just laws
  • The right to live with dignity
  • The right to worship our God in Peace
  • The right to be responsible for our own lives

If you look around the world, these basic human rights come up short, time after time. We have strayed so far from remembering that we are a spark of the Divine, that we trample on other’s human rights without blinking. Corporate greed has taken over and we have starving children and adults all over the world. Human trafficking is at an all-time high. The Arab spring happened because people weren’t being allowed to work and make a decent living to feed themselves and their families. Corrupt governments are running roughshod over the people they’re supposed to be protecting.

If we remembered who we are, Divine Sons & Daughters and took time every day to meditate on that and what that actually means, we would be blessed with Divine inspiration to move our lives forward. If everyone, including corporate boards, bankers, government workers all meditated every day, there would be fairness and justice reigning instead of greed and corruption. We would be solving human rights issues and taking care of each other if we each remembered our Divinity. There would be no US vs. THEM. We would finally realize our oneness. We would love each other because we ARE each other. We would cherish and protect each human right and do everything we could to honor those rights.

The world is changing. But truthfully, it can only change, one person at a time. So I promise to start today. To honor myself as a Daughter of the Divine and act accordingly. I will honor my life and every one I come in contact with, will honor their rights too, as a Son or Daughter of the Divine. We’re all in this together. We can change the world by changing and honoring our human rights as it’s Divine citizens. Are you with me?


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