Creating Your Life Story

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Creating Your Life Story

You Have a Story to Tell

I love genealogy. I get so excited when I make a connection to my ancestors! Their souls are part of me. The more I learn about their life, the more I feel connected to them. The more I understand my familial beliefs, psychology, culture and general feelings. The more details I come across, the more complete my understanding is and sometimes great healing can happen through that history. My family had a lot of miasmas such as chronic alcoholism and depression. I’ve lived with both. And they compound each other. It wasn’t until I realized how far back these miasmas went in my family history before I realized that I could break the chain, and rid the family of these heartbreaking, family breaking, crippling diseases. Just understanding this history, helped me change mine and future generations to come. That is truly powerful.

Many Wise Women Feel Ashamed of Who They Are

Although we are wise women, there is often a layer of shame we put on ourselves. We somehow feel that sharing our life story, with all the gifts, the graces, the happiness as well as the struggles, the disappointments and tragedy we will have to some how apologize for our life. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are who we are, because of the whole of our life. Each day shaped us into the wise women we are today. Chalk it up to the general separateness we feel from Spirit. But it is there. It is raw. We’re afraid to share ourselves because deep down we don’t feel worthy. Secretly, I think we’re afraid of our Divinity and how it might blow the socks of life as we know it if we share who we are. It is a conundrum that needs to be explored and released in order live an authentic life.

Blogging Every Day About Your Life is Leaving Your History for Future Generations

It is fairly simple to set up a blog so you can share your every days so that you know and appreciate and love who you are now. And just as important, you’ll be sharing yourself with future generations you do not know, but will be grateful to know you! Share your mysteries, your struggles with authenticity, your shyness about sharing yourself. Just let it all be put into words so that you grow, you learn, you love and you share your insights into your unique life. It is so important now, in this time of the Shift, for us to be present in our lives and write about it! No one but you knows more about you now, and how you’re experiencing ascension, than you!

Make a promise to yourself to start sharing your Herstory! We’re anxious to see you! 🙂

Carole Cross is a wise woman who hails from Colorado. She is fascinated by the strength and courage of wise women everywhere! She blogs for a living and dreams of living on a beach in South America!

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