The World Will Be Saved by a Western Woman…HH the Dalai Lama

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The World Will Be Saved by a Western Woman…HH the Dalai Lama

When I read this quote by His Holiness, I have been listening for a woman to answer the call with a voice loud and clear. I heard one woman’s voice August 21, 2013. Her voice was soft-spoken, full of love, compassion and feminine energy flowing through her. Of course I’m speaking of Antoinette Tuff, the clerk in the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy.

She talked down a gunman, a soul who had gone off his meds he was taking for mental illness, and had suicide and murder in his heart. She talked to him calmly by sharing her life’s story, including the challenges and heartbreaks. She encouraged him to know his worth. She prayed for him and with him. She encouraged him to not give up on himself, on God because of the special love just for him and that he could work things through with the courage and strength he had inside.

What is so beautiful about Antoinette, is she can be any one of us. We all have stories that have heartbreaks and triumphs. We all struggle with pain and feelings of unworthiness. We all pray, whether aloud or silently, atheist of shaman. And now that the energies are shifting, it is imperative that we share our stories, that we lift each other up, that we make someone see how deeply they are loved by the Universe.

I created the Time cover because I think Antoinette Tuft would make a fine woman of the year. But mostly, I wanted to share how important and quietly one can make an impact on so many lives. Imagine how many parents won’t be crying because their baby wasn’t shot down by a soul who believed so clearly in the separation of himself and Spirit that he wanted to kill others and himself. Imagine the psychic pain we as a world society were spared by another senseless killing because someone gently told another he was worthy of love and living. This is epic shit folks. It’s epic because it is so beautiful, and clear and holy.

I don’t know if the world will be saved by a Western woman. I know the world is round and east becomes west eventually. I know that women can collaborate with each other, support one another and give strength and courage and love where it is needed. The masculine energy is burning itself out through killing and wars. The feminine energy is weary of sending our babies to be killed on foreign soil. We’re weary of drones who enter places and kill another soul, because we fear them. Women, children, men and animals are killed because of fear.

We have to stop the madness. Women can do this. We can write our stories and publish them. We can share our voices and become the voice for peace, sustainability, sanity. Men can join us, but these times call for the feminine to rise up and say gratefully, Peace…finally…Peace.

Thank you Antoinette Tufts. You are my hero and I will always honor you and love your Spirit. You put a healing balm on all of humanity that day in August. We are very grateful! Blessings! <3

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