Cloak of Comfortable Suffering

Aug 30, 2013 by

Cloak of Comfortable Suffering

Cloak of comfortable suffering? Whatever do I mean? We all suffer. Look around you. Do you see people who are NOT suffering? Even within the most enlightened communities, people suffer. We suffer because we believe those thoughts that we may have been carrying around for years. Painful events in our lives became a cloak of comfortable suffering.

On Facebook or Twitter, we can see others thoughts, beliefs, opinions and “personal truths” and either embrace them or leave them alone. They belong to them. They are not out thoughts. (Until we re-post them, and then, I suppose they become our thoughts or beliefs or reinforce our own.) With our own thoughts and beliefs, whether on the side of “for” or “against”, now THOSE we believe, because they belong to “us”! We identify ourselves with them, and they “become us”. Only they’re not. I’ll get to this later.

I recently realized how large and heavy my cloak of suffering had become. That large and heavy translated into a burden of suffering that I have been collecting for many, many years. There are stories attached to each suffering. And I could tell you those stories, if they really mattered. They don’t.

We started this cloak with words we were given to identify objects, people, places and animals. As we grew older, we no longer experienced anything as it really is. We identified them with the word we were taught to identify them.

A flower is no longer an incredible, exquisite expression of energy and light that is luminous and pulsing with Spirit. It is f-l-o-w-e-r. Then, we started attaching other meanings to the word flower. Flowers from my Valentine, flowers for my wedding, flowers for dad’s funeral…all expressions of flower with meanings attached. Energy and emotions become trapped in these thoughts around flower. If our marriage did not last, or a loved one dies, then flowers may hold great sadness and longing for what “should” have been and is no more.

The thoughts, the stories about the thoughts, the feelings attached to the thoughts, they weave themselves into our cloak of comfortable suffering. Because we believe our thoughts.

Don’t misunderstand me. We do not control our thoughts. Thoughts come from the stillness and they return to the stillness. Thoughts do not cause suffering. Our attachment to the thought, holding onto the thought, creating a story around the thought, that can be a cause of our suffering.

If we are willing to drop this cloak of comfortable suffering, once and for all, we realize it wasn’t comfortable at all. It was a habit that we didn’t question. We didn’t realize it was keeping us from experiencing life full on, resulting in each moment being perfect, beautiful, whole and complete.

When we realize our Oneness with all that is, that we are part of the Divine spark, then separateness and suffering vanish. That is our journey here on earth. To end suffering. Honor your journey and the journey of others. Compassionate hearts united.

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