You Can Blow Up Your TV for Spiritual Ascension

May 8, 2012 by

You Can Blow Up Your TV for Spiritual Ascension

You Can Blow Up Your TV for Spiritual Ascension!

What do I mean, You Can Blow Up Your TV for Spiritual Ascension?
Do you want an evolutionary leap in consciousness?

If you are a discerning Wise Woman, you know that the media is “The Great Manipulator”. I trust that every wise woman out there knows you can blow up your TV for Spiritual Ascension, as well as unsubscribe from the newspaper or online news feeds and you are “trying to find” your spiritual path, either on your own or with other wise ones.

The energies that are being released by solar flares, full moons, planets exploding in other universes, even satellites falling to earth are affecting each of us. We are part of “the One” – part of the whole, part of the field. The best advice I can give you is you can blow up your TV for Spiritual Ascension and instead of numbing out on TV, meditate daily. Use those hours wasted on TV for meditation – communing with the Divine consciousness. One hour or much more, if you can. This is your portal into “the field” – your connection to Spirit. This will give you grounding and give you peace. This will also give you everything you need to connect with everyone in this 3rd dimension, and also give you connection to the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions and beyond. Isn’t this what we want? To understand what we came here to do?

What did we come here to do? We came to wake the hell up! We were chosen to be on this planet at this time, living in these bodies, experiencing this Great Awakening now! OMG, how fantastic is that? There are other beings that envy our position. Did you know that? Even the Ascended Masters are marveling at our efforts to become grounded and ascend. That’s how blessed we are. So yes, you can blow up your TV for Spiritual Ascension.

There are two thoughts about watching TV. One You Can Blow Up Your TV for Spiritual Ascensionis watch the news, send your healing prayers to hot spots in the world and raise the vibration of those places. My feelings are, you can blow up your TV for Spiritual Ascension and consciously send out healing vibrations throughout the planet, to all people of the world and our precious Mother Gaia, without polluting out minds, Spirits and Souls with TV. There is so much garbage on TV, hardly anything redeeming and the News channels (talking heads, as I call them) take themselves so seriously as “true journalists”, that they name the television stations, channel “5 News at 5”. It’s no longer the call letters, but a news station that has other programming. And the news, well, it’s always alarmist density, since 9/11. Even the weather comes across as the biggest threat this year. So, I’m begging you, you can blow up your TV for Spiritual Ascension. Do it now!

Our precious, wonderful, miraculous bodies cannot take this constant stress. They release Cortisol, the stress hormone, make our bellies fat and make us want to uncork that bottle of wine a little earlier every day to escape the stress – even if its stressful weather.

We’re manipulated into believing “they’re out to get us”, even if we don’t really know who “they” are, or why they would even care one hoot about us.

Part of waking the hell up is finding your own true north. Living in consciousness. And consciousness is not even what the Law of Attraction Hacks would have you believe. Living in consciousness is connecting to your source. Living in consciousness is being still enough to hear the perfect “next step” before you to take. Living in consciousness is not following “this guru, or that guru” to finally “come home”. You’re already home. If you rid yourself of the distractions in your life, w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r they are, you well know the truth of your life and it really will set you free.

Do yourself a favor. Blow up your TV, as John Prine says. Throw away the paper. Go to the country. Build you a home. Plant a little garden. Eat a lot of peaches. And try to find Jesus, on your own. This is the Wise Woman Way of Waking the Hell Up!

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  1. Merry

    Love this! I have an old TV and a ‘new’ used entertainment system-furniture-thing. I feel a bit off–I want to use the TV for movies I enjoy, but now I am finding that TV programs are more harm than good, and now my movies bother me as well(except for a few). My real problem is this: I was given both the piece of furniture and the TV, and I feel as though I should keep both because they were gifts. I know it is silly to do such a thing; I would really like to throw both to the curb. I have received both of these things in the past 3 months, and I feel sick looking at them. Even though I cannot dispose of them yet, what could I do to stop their energies from flowing to me?

    Wow! What a long first comment here. Sorry about that. 😉 I just need some helpful advice; already asked my mother about moving another piece of furniture out of my room, and boy! was that an uproar.


    • Profile photo of Carole

      Merry – Nice to “Meet” you! I would say that unplugging TV’s, covering them with scarves, Shamina, quilts that hold special meaning…anything that transmutes the negative energy of not only the electronics, but what is transmitted through the electronics! You hold the power woman…make a beautiful alter, where you place your favorite spiritual items in front of a draped TV. It is ALL good! Love & Blessings!

  2. barf

    How is blowing up or throwing away something capable of beauty good for anything?
    Waste is nothing but “negative energy”

    • Profile photo of Carole

      Commenting on blogs with a fictitious name that denotes vomiting is pretty much wasted negative energy too. You take yourself very seriously and cannot see the humor in the song I mentioned and yet, you hide behind a fake name. Judge not, and ye shall not be judged, I always say. And if I don’t like something, I own it and speak for myself as myself. Lighten up, dear heart. Love you still! 🙂

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