Ascension is Horizontal, Not Vertical

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Ascension is Horizontal, Not Vertical

There is a lot of talk around the “enlightenment water coolers” lately about Ascension and how that is affecting us energetically, emotionally, relationally, and environmentally.  If you don’t know what Spiral - Outward and UpwardAscension is, it is a speeding up of the light energies that are helping humanity evolve into more conscious human beings.  We are throwing away doubts, ignorance, separation from God, and all the veils that hitherto have been keeping us distracted from our Oneness.

Of course you have enlightenment theorists who believe that there will be cataclysmic changes in the oceans and that lands that were the desert and land locked may soon be beach front property.  (I’d say bring it to Colorado! 🙂 They want to move to a country or cave where they’ll be safe and carry on with their Spiritual work. Then Hollywood of course, is treating 2012 like an Apocalyptic end of the world where only the “fittest” (and wealthiest, and well connected politically) will survive.  Perhaps a sweet child or dog thrown in for the “Awwww” factor.

A truth is (not THE truth – “a” truth) is that we are evolving and we will be more conscious and the old institutions are breaking down because the creative flow cannot tolerate constant taking without giving.  Greed and power can no longer sustain itself.  We are creating a new way of … what … well making money for one thing.  Once we tap into the Creativity of the Universe, we have millions of possibilities and probabilities for creating our own economy.  We are not victims of “out there”.  We’ve only been taught that by well meaning elders of our childhood and not-so-well-meaning powerful institutions that prefer the Greedy Power structures to stay intact.  The more we tap into Source and play in the incredible landscape offered through Source, the more ideas, synchronicity, fascinating people, places and things pop into our lives.  I love the incredible gifts we’re given every day.  I see it in my life and I see it in the lives of people I get to share in this beautiful journey called life.

There are those that believe in the “Enlightenment Olympics”.  As if anyone can be more enlightened than anyone else.  We’re all in this together.  We’re all learning our lessons and the more conscious we become, the more compassionate we become.  Ascension includes looking around at our life and how we’re impacting the energies around us.  Are we adding to the fear, the hate, the prejudice, the stress of those around us or are we shining a light of hope, living a life that is mirroring the abundance and creativity of the universe?  Do we turn our thoughts around when we realize we may be feeling less than compassionate about some one, or some issue or some political party?  Do we believe that we are this body or do we believe we are something so much more vast and connected to everything?  Not just every insect, plant, animal, person, mountain, desert, ocean, whales, dolphins, and ocean life, birds and stars and planets and galaxies and suns and it goes on and on so far our minds cannot take us there.  We are so huge in this Divine Creation and we are so unaware of that connection most of the time that we fall into worry, or depression, or gossiping or addictions or any myriad ways of distracting ourselves.

When we sink into the realization that we are a Divine piece of this Divine creation, then what can possibly be lacking?  Our hearts open as big as the world. Our imaginations run wild with creativity that not only helps us evolve, but can offer gifts to the world that help the world evolve too.  Everyone will get there.  Some of us on different buses. There will not be anyone “Left Behind”. There will not be explosions and Atlantean-like “ends” of the world.  We are primed to evolve with one another, go play in different dimensions and have a blast creating quickly what before, might have taken years.

It’s fun to look at someone and know we’re all playing the same game and we’re all winners.  It’s awe-inspiring to see others stepping into their power, their knowingness, their great love and respect for themselves and their gifts and knowing that everyone has the same invitation to do the same things.  It’s friggin’ beautiful is what it is and I for one, am happy to be alive right now.

Look around at the beautiful women and men that can be a mentor to you – just for a time, mind you, because there are no “Gurus” outside of you.  But there are those that can share words that point the way for you to become your own guru.  Spiritual people get stuck thinking that they might not have anything new to share but there is only one unique you and only you can share your unique gifts with the world. And since we live in limitless abundance, you will find your perfect fellow-journeyers, who want to join your tribe.  The only time we cannot share is when we compare ourselves to others – not realizing we’re all One.  There is plenty for everyone, and there has been, up until this point in time that some people in power would rather you didn’t know that.  But never mind.   We’re here now.  Spiraling outward and upward on the Spiritual Ascension together.  The old institutions will break up and come along too, in their time.  The feminine energy is returning to this earth (the galaxy) and we have so much support and help and beings cheering for us constantly, its a wonder we’re not all “floating” all the time.

Anyway, this Ascension is us, becoming conscious.  Becoming conscious means letting go of duality, “this and that”, “right and wrong”, “acceptable and unacceptable”, etc.  It means seeing everything as One and if we’re alive, we’re Creativity’s perfect idea of us, because we’re here and so how can anything, yes anything be out of whack?  Health, wealth, relations, its all mirroring our unity with Source, Creator, God, whatever you may call it, or our disunity the our Source.  And its easy as a thought to turn around and accept this precious gift we have been given call life.  My body tingles all over with the possibilities and the love and the relationships to be shared.

So let’s get together NOW to enjoy this exciting journey of LOVE!  We’re getting it!  We’re claiming it! We’re part of it! We’re LOVING it!

If you are interested in learning more…join the SOUL school – Sharing Our Unconditional Love.  Learn more on how you can share your DIVINE gifts with the world.  How excited the Universe is to have you finally present YOUR GIFTS to the rest of US! Blessings my dear ones!  Nameste’!

I Love you!

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