Wise Women Birthing Limitless Possibilities

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Wise Women Birthing Limitless Possibilities

Greetings, my Wisewomen Loves! How are you doing this fine Holiday season? I wanted to share today how we Wise Women Birthing possibilities can learn our purpose and share our gifts with the world. Gosh, for my American friends, I know how the “idealized”, “commercialized” and “capitalized” Christmas is grim. Holiday InsanityGod, they start shoving it down our throats just after Halloween. Buy me, buy me, buy me to the tune of Carol of the Bells. But, I suspect if you are a Wise Woman, you don’t let this holiday insanity get too near. You see through the shallowness of this capitalized holiday; you seek the quiet awe, just as Mary did, with wonder and openness and trust that new lessons are to be learned, new ideas are to be birthed and the distractions of the outer world cannot hold a candle to the call to pull within.

Pull your thoughts within, explore that vast landscape of your dreams, your visions, your new “children” to be born as precious gifts to this world. We are Wise Women birthing possibilities!

  • Perhaps you will be wise women birthing a series of photographs that capture the incredible journey of awakening, as only you can.
  • Perhaps you will be wise women birthing an innovative way to educate our diverse children so that they long for lessons and share the lessons at home.
  • Perhaps you will be wise women birthing a healing art to many who find no hope in traditional medicine.
  • Perhaps you will be wise women birthing a connection that returning military might hold onto while transitioning back into the society they protected so courageously.
  • Perhaps you will be wise women birthing a group of other wise women, birthing multitudes of possibilities which heal poverty and create micro loans to women who can become self-sustaining.
  • Perhaps you will be wise women birthing space for your sister or daughter in overwhelm so you can take some of the burden off of them.
  • Perhaps you will be wise women birthing more time being in the preset and giving your presence to all you meet.

Mother MaryWhat Mary are you? What child will you birth this season? Each of us are connected to the same Holy Spirit that came upon Mary. Each of us have Angels telling us to “Fear Not”. Each of us are the favored among women by the Most High. Each of us can save the world by giving birth to our dreams and following the Star in our heart. We’re called to this. This is our purpose. This is who we are.

I have been growing in love with the Spirituality of this season with Patricia Keel’s “Home for the Holidays” series.  Such deep and meaningful insights have been found and I’m awed.

I pray you make this Season of Light meaningful to you. I pray you don’t shop ’til you drop, and then have money worries at the beginning of 2012. Create your Sacred space now. Go there every dawn and every sunset and reaffirm the support and Love given to you from Spirit. Such a beautiful gift. We are not separate from God. We were never separate from God. During this time of awakening, we know we are lovingly and gently called to bring our best into the world. A calling to create, just as Spirit creates, continually, without effort, in pure Love.

The loud barkers of commerce are loud because they’re in fear that they may not make money. Just like the politicians, the louder they are, the less impact they have. We turn within and in the deep, still silence we find “I Am”. Peace my Wisewomen friends. You are so loved and so supported. Know this.

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