Blog Action Day 2011 – Food

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Blog Action Day 2011 – Food

This year, Blog Action Day asks us to write about food.  One of my favorite topics along with being one of my best teachers throughout my life.  I love healthy food.  I love cooking healthy, delicious fresh food.  I’m lucky I can do that.  So many in the world don’t have that option.  Only in the free world do we turn food into an “issue” and make it evil.  Its another form of energy and we can turn our power over to it and find that we’re obese, unhealthy, on our way to a heart attack.  Only in the free world to we see morbidly obese people that cannot get up out of their beds, but manage to eat enough every day to maintain their morbid obesity.  We project our basic fear of lack and limitation onto our food and whoooosh, there we go, off on a binge of one kind or another.

When I was growing up, my weight wasn’t considered OK. My mom worried about me being overweight, you know that adolescence chubbiness, if ignored would have gone away on its own, but focus on that as “the problem” and it has been “the problem” all of my life.  My mom took me to one of those doctors that handed out rainbow pills once a month that included speed for sure.  I was 10.  I lost weight and expected all my problems to disappear.  They didn’t of course and when I went off the pills, since I learned nothing about nutrition, the weight came back.  Then we went to Weight Watchers which also offered, at the time, and extreme fixation on food and what to eat even maintaining  a difference between French style green beans and regular green beans.  The focus was totally on feeding the “body machine” in order to lose weight.  Then we went to “self-help” groups to help me get thin.  My sister was jealous because of the time my mom was spending trying to “fix” me, but I was completely clear that I was not OK and needed fixing.  Funny how life looks when you’re young.

As I moved into the world on my own, I of course attracted men who played the part of my mother and wanted me to lose weight and then be perfect, because I was already perfect except for my weight.  Then I went to one quack fad after another, all in search of the perfect Carole.  The self-abuse through these venues is clear now, not so much then.

Only after I removed those judgements in the manifestation of people from my life did I get into the beauty, the deliciousness, the full sensuousness of food.  Every color of the rainbow, purple eggplant, orange sweet potatoes, bright green spinach, yellow squash and red delicious apples.  Oh my God.  What a gift food is.  What light, what life, what beauty it adds to your lives.  The health and healing it bestows upon us is free and vital.

In the free world, we’re disconnected from our food.  We rarely bless it before eating, even though that has an actual energetic affect on the food.  We don’t want to know where our meat comes from, it we eat it.  We just eat it, because we always have.  Even though a hamburger takes enough energy to be born that would feed hundreds of people, we just eat that happy hamburger, and don’t think a thing about it.   We are not conscious, for the most part about our food.  It is one of most basic needs, but we have become unconscious about its origins, its impact on the environment, how it might be taking food away from others and its true nutritive value.  We read labels and hope they’re being honest with us.

Perhaps, once a day, in honor of a starving child somewhere on the planet, and there are children starving hour after hour, be conscious of YOUR food.  Look at it while you’re preparing it.  Be grateful for all the hands that helped bring that food to your counter for preparation.  Notice the colors of the food.  Notice the smells of the food, the spices, the freshness of the food.  Become conscious of what it is offering your body. Be conscious of how this energy called food will be transformed in your body into energy that helps you walk, run, move, dance, breathe, sing, stretch, focus and love.  Ask for the knowledge you need to help, maybe one starving child not starve.  Ask for guidance on how to be more conscious of this lovely energy in the form of food.  There is plenty of it for everyone on the planet.  Ask that the power and politics change that are in place so that children don’t starve.  Bless your planet. Bless your earth. Bless your food.

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