About Wisewoman Carole

Carole Cross - WisewomanCarole Cross is a priest and a Spiritual Coach, whose clients come from all religions, no religions, all genders, all sexual orientations, all seekers who want to deeply reconnect with their Divine inheritance. Every stressor in life, Carole believes, comes from the fact that we don't remember who we are, and how we fit into the Spiritual Matrix, the Spiritual Tapestry, this Divine Amazing Life of which we are an integral part. She loves life and knows that as soon as every woman realizes her true nature, then manifesting health, wealth, happiness and joy in her life is as easy as taking a walk every day, soaking up sunshine and eating our greens!

She has been a seeker and student of spirituality ever since she could talk. Her family gave her the space, "ahem", to grow, ask questions, find her way, and rebel, like many boomers did!

Her father committed suicide when she was 18, two weeks before she graduated from high school, and one month before her first marriage. She was a single mother for many years, slaved for "the man", owned several businesses including a publishing business which is a great source of enjoyment and prosperity to this day.

Clients include small businesses, non-profits, government agencies and internet entrepreneurs who recognize that igniting their Divine self first, all abundance, health, wholeness and peace will come into their businesses, their families and them. She is an expert web designer, an internet marketing expert, a painter, a writer, a poet and movie producer. She loves creating movie collages to introduce us to the beauty all around each and every one of us.

She treats every client as a friend and so she has friends throughout the world. She has a non-profit agency that empowers spouses of US military soldiers to become self-sufficient in business and help the family heal the family trauma of soldiers returning from war. She awards scholarships to spouses of military to empower them to become independent, in spite of the US government's lack of support of returning Veterans.

As a coach, she puts the "soul" in a white girl's world and speaks to the heart in matters of alcoholism, sexual abuse, obesity issues, dysfunctional families, perfectionism, and feeling like a loner in a "perfect world".

Having been through many "lows" in life, including bankruptcy, abusive marriage relationships, addiction and self-abuse, she understands and coaches women over 50 how to overcome self-defeating beliefs, and move into a spiritually free and bright NOW.

She shares with women their Spiritual awakenings, knowing and showing that it is happening right now, and is not something that happens in the future if you're a "good little woman". Igniting the passion of Spirit and Truth in every woman is a daily practice and meditation that defines Carole's life's work.

Come join Carole in "Living in the Flow - A Wisewomen's Guide to Awakening".  Look for her new book to be published in 2009 - Wisewomen Rising - Secret Spiritual Teachings for Women.  If you're a Wisewoman over fifty, sign up for her newsletter and start living the life you are destined to live - in health, wealth and peace.  Enjoying Midlife - In Joy in Midlife!